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Personal Training

A personal trainer will make you a tailor-made suit so that you can achieve your goals in an efficient, safe and professional way.

Nutritional Advice

We will give you tools so that you can move towards a more conscious, healthy and healthy diet, which will help you achieve your goals.


Forget about schedule problems, as we are always at your disposal


Your personalized exercise plan to reach your goals


A good diet is key to achieve a healthy life


Choreographed aerobic activity designed by our team of beFIT instructors.

Indoor cycling

Guided cardiovascular activity on stationary bikes, pedalling to the rhythm of the music.

Body Pump™

Session with bars and weights to improve full-body muscle strength.


Intense 30-minute workout of all the main muscles in your body, taking your strength to a whole new level. This activity uses hand weights, plates and body weight to work all the main muscle groups.


Activity based on punching and kicking, combining functional exercises to improve coordination and muscle strength.


The work of the glutes and legs causes a high caloric intake as it is a large muscle group. It activates muscle groups of the upper train and improves its training. Strengthens and protects joints. Reduces the risk of injury Block training. Divided into 4 exercises per block. With the possibility of working the exercises in multiple training options.


It tests the strength of the CORE and tones the main muscles (abdominals, back and glutes). It increases the functional strength needed to improve postural stability and prevent injury. Fast and effective training.


High-intensity exercises. Physical training system based on a wide variety of normal exercises, focusing on muscle function and movements, with a holistic view of the body.

Body Balance™

Inspired by Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates to improve flexibility and strength.

AADD Virtuals

A la carte guided activities that you can follow whenever you want (nights, trough times, etc.), even if there aren’t any classes scheduled.


Performing postures and movements that, combined with various hypopressive techniques, seek to reduce pressure in the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities. It reduces the abdominal perimeter by providing aesthetic, postural and functional improvements. Prevents weakening of the pelvic floor in the postpartum period. Regulates respiratory parameters. Prevents inguinal, abdominal, crural and vaginal hernias. Prevents urinary incontinence. Increases and regulates vascular factors, and thus prevent and resolve edema and heaviness of legs. It prevents joint and muscle injuries due to the normalization of general muscle tone. It provides effective lumbo-pelvic protection by toning the abdominal girdle.


Static and dynamic stretching exercises to balance and unite body, mind and emotions.


Una actividad de movilidad articular con ejercicios de autocarga ideal para complementar tu entrenamiento de fuerza. Aumenta el rango de movimiento, ayuda a mejorar la postura y a tonificar.

Virtual Indoor Cycling

Guided cardiovascular activity on stationary bikes, pedalling to the rhythm of the music.

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